Italian Business Council of Abu Dhabi

IBCAD’s mission is to serve as a resource and catalyst for its members and for companies in general to develop their business interests with Italy and the United Arab Emirates (UAE)


Maurizio La Noce

Chairman, IBC-AD Benvenuti! Marhaba!

On behalf of the Italian Business Council of Abu Dhabi (IBC-AD), I would like to extend my warmest welcome to you all to the IBC-AD family and to our website. Following the elections held in January 2016, I feel honored to represent the Board of Directors and the wider membership of the Council.

The core objective of the IBC-AD remains to promote and develop superior and sustainable relationships between the United Arab Emirates and Italy, with the ultimate goal to identify and facilitate the creation of concrete business opportunities for its members and supporters. With this in mind, we auspicate the creation of new networking opportunities as well as the empowerment of existing connections among the Italian business community and their Emirati counterparts through the promotion of a series of initiatives and events from which we hope our members will benefit from.

The entire Board and myself, in full alignment with the Italian Embassy to the UAE and the Italian Chamber of Commerce, wish to provide our members with a trustworthy platform to discuss and address the ongoing challenges faced in the business and trade relationships between the United Arab Emirates and Italy.

I warmly encourage Italian and Emirati companies along with their respective leaders to join the IBC–AD and make the resolution of our business challenges our common objective. Let’s work competitively, yet collaboratively towards a larger vision for a long term, fruitful business partnership. Together we can achieve more.

Arrivederci a presto!

About the Council

Founded in 1999, the Italian Business Council of Abu Dhabi (IBC-AD) has the primary objective to promote goodwill, commerce and information exchange between Italian and local businesses in the United Arab Emirates.

Managed by a Board of Directors elected on a bi-yearly basis, IBC-AD is an independent “not-for-profit” entity comprising of corporations, small and medium sized companies, prominent business leaders and entrepreneurs from Italy (and other nationalities).

IBC-AD’smain objective is to provide a trustworthy platform through which members and supporters discuss business related challenges in the trade relations between the U.A.E. and Italy.

Through the active support of its members, and in coordination with the Commercial Section of the Italian Embassy, IBC-AD aims at becoming the most authoritative voice of all the Italian businesses in Abu Dhabi.

main objectives

In alignment with the main mandate of information exchange, aggregation and support for Italian businesses
and individuals operating (or intending to operate) in the UAE, IBC-ADfocuses on the following objectives:

Develop and reinforce the economic and cultural relationships between Italy and the UAE, with particular emphasys on the Emirate of Abu Dhabi
Contribute to the facilitation of every possible form of trade, investment in various industries (i.e. manufacturing, tourism, fashion, healthcare, services, science, agriculture and financial sectors) as well as the development of new key-sectors
Encourage and promote Italian investments in the UAE (with special attention to the Emirate of Abu Dhabi), Emirati investments in Italy as well as facilitate the creation of joint ventures and projects between the parties
Contribute to reinforce the commercial relationships between the UAE(Abu Dhabi) and Italian private sectors
Facilitate the exchange of commercial and economic information among the individuals and enterprises from the UAE and Italy with the objective to foster premium commercial relationships
Promote every initiative tailored at raising awareness of the economic and commercial relationships among the two countries, in full alignment with the Italian and Emirati relevant institutions (namely, the Italian Embassy to the UAE and the Italian Chamber of Commerce

IBC will endeavor to:

In order to accomplish the objectives above listed,
IBC–AD will endeavor to:

Promote the finalization of commercial agreements as well as provide relevant and applicable business intelligence and information to its membership

Encourage the formation of joint ventures and businesses in the UAE with special emphasys on the Emirate of Abu Dhabi

Contribute to the resolution of potential challenges which may negatively impact the existing commercial relationships between Italy and the UAE

Organize meetings, luncheons and other networking opportunities with the ultimate objective to exchange information, know-how and ultimately promote the development of the trade relationships between Italian and Emirati/Abu Dhabi entrepreneurs

Organize and/or facilitate the organization of specialized Conferences in a variety of target sectors (*) with the objective to further promote the economic and social interaction as well as strenghten the cooperation among the countries

Board of Directors

Maurizio La Noce

(Senior Advisor - CEO Energy Office, Mubadala)

Riccardo Sensi
Vice Chairman

(Managing Partner UAE, GOP)

Federico Lodi

(GM Cremonini Group)

Livio Fabi

(General Manager, Khalidiyah Mall)

Federico Di Francesco

(MD – Consultant Plastic Surgery)

Francesco Pansardi

(President & CEO, Tedeschi)

Pietro Paolo Rampino

(Chairman, OESSE – CEO, IIE)

Alessandro Rotoli

(General Manager - Intesa SanPaolo)

Alberto Nencha
Past President

(Executive Director, SpecTec)


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